The Protection of Rights Alliance (PORA) was formed to:

  • Defend against the lawsuit filed by the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians (the “Tribe”) filed suit in federal court to establish most of Emmet County, Michigan and part of Charlevoix County, Michigan as an Odawa Indian Reservation.
  • Protect individuals and businesses in the community against:
    • becoming subject to new standards and permitting regimes by the Tribe, including, but not limited to, taxes, zoning and land use regulations, liquor licensing, environmental permitting, and law enforcement protocols;
    • becoming subject to regulatory and adjudicatory jurisdiction of the Tribe;
    • being affected by the loss of local and state regulatory, criminal and adjudacatory jurisdiction over members of the Tribe, including, but not limited to, zoning, nuisance laws, regulatory codes, property and other taxes, law enforcement protocols, and processes, and being affected by as-yet unknown impacts that may arise as a result of the continuing evolution of federal Indian law and policy.
  • Defend its members’ interests, as well as the interests of any member, shareholder, partner or other entity or individual that is a member of PORA, which would include the rights of land owners, regulated industries, businesses, taxpayers, employers and employees, and other individuals and entities subject to, or benefiting by the uniform application of civil, regulatory and criminal jurisdiction within the geographic area affected by the Tribe’s litigation and related efforts.
  • Receive and administer funds to sponsor, conduct research, secure goods and services, and hold events in conjunction with the promotion of these purposes.

PORA’s members reside, own property, and conduct business within the 337 square miles that the Tribe claims is an Indian reservation and “Indian Country” under federal law.